Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today i took a quick peek in mommy's room..
And i swear it looked as thou a tornado just swept thru that place.
Mommy look embarrassed & she quickly carried me down. Gee.

Anyway, school was awesome today. My teacher praised me not once, but twice in front of the whole class (:
I could see mommy & grandpa's face glowing with pride.
I was delighted of course. I made a new friend too.
I can't pronounce his name cause it sounded French, but he was a handsome male Lab from UK.
I think he is 2 years my senior, my weakness for older men *wags tail*
Okay, i shant elaborate further - before mom reads this & starts panicking.

Something really awkward happened today.
It happened before class. Being the ever doting mom, mommy brought me to a petshop to check out booties.
Of all things, the shop fella recommended socks for my paws.
And as mommy was happily choosing between the different designs & colors, that fella said: "I think she has to try the 'L' size."

And in a soft polite voice, Mom replied: "But she is only 4 months old. A puppy, are u sure?" So, very confidently, he took my paw & tried to fit it into that bright pink striped yellow sock.

Then suddenly he uttered out loud: "Her paw is stucked."

Mom: "Oh my. It's large isn't it? Is there an XL?"

That fella: "Sorry no, that is the largest size for the socks that we have here, I'm so sorry."
And you should have seen Mom's dejected face.

As thou that wasn't enough, he went on saying: "Since she is only 4 months old, her paw is definitely going to grow further.." I felt so bad for Mom's good intentions, so awful.. i wanted to apologize for the size of my paws, but all i could manage was a soft whimper.

There and than, i wish i could dig up a hole in split second & bury my head.
But guess what Mom did? She flashed a smile & said to that shop fella: "It's okay, nvm then. I still love Pea & her large paws." Then, she blew me a kiss.

Alryt, i just had to pen this down. I'm really exhausted.
Ruff. Good night folks, and May God Bless this Paw.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm officially 4 months old!
Look what mommy bought me (:

I tried apples for the first tym too.
Grandmama fed me tiny cubes.. they were so crunchy.
I have no idea why i'm always hungry, just lyk mommy.
Do we have worms in our tummy or smth?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Went to East Coast to celebrate the Moon cake festival.
Many people were holding lightbulbs (is that what you call 'em?)
Ohhh. I mean, lanterns.

Anyway, it was awesome!
i love the feeling of having the soft sand stucked in between my paws.
The only drawback? It tasted awful :(

I had so much fun exploring the park; the air was breezy,
the weather cool.
Purrrfect. Except that my stomach was growling.

But, I behaved myself, even when my folks were tucking into their sumptous Japanese dinner.
That's because Mommy promised me a shopping spree.
And true enough she kept her word.
I visited a Petshop @ Siglap, and i had so much fun running after the kitty there (even thou she was rude, snobbish & unfriendly).

Finally! Someone smaller in size.. *woof*
Check out my loot :P

Mommy Dearest insisted on buying the Flea/Tick Spray.
I thought we already had so many of those :I
She allowed me to pick an item & i choosed some Japanese Milk Croissants.
Ahhh.. I can't wait to sink my paws into those!

And i'm looking forward to the next trip out.
I hope Mom reads this. *wags tail*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Decided to make use of the commercial break to cam-whore~
Grandpa says i've a pair of very sad looking eyes.

And.. omg. My nose looks rubbery & fake here. Gee -.-

The most unflattering angle:

So, whoever says puppies dont camwhore?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Exercising and getting a sniff of fresh air.
I'm so brown! I've no need for a tan.
Wow *delighted* (:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st day of school was fab cause i made many new friends (:
This is my gigantic classmate, she is an adopted doggie from SPCA.
I wanna be that tall when i grow up.

Woke up early today for an outing with my folks,

I love Sundays!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mommy & I;
the nose-angle pic (;

Thursday, September 6, 2007

In my dictionary, i only have eyes for one word: Fooood.

And there is always a tym to feast :D

Tuna puffs, Lamb meatballs, muffins, pizzas.. i've tried them all.
And i even had mooncakes kindly given by Yi-ma (:

To all the big doggies out there:
I may be small, but don't underestimate my appetite *woof*