Friday, October 19, 2007

Sorry i haven been updating.
Feeling a lil' fuzzy with all the changes i'm currently experiencing.

I've been growing. Yes, i swear i grew.
I used to be able to squeeze thru the main gate,
but today while attempting to greet Mom, I couldn't.. in other words, only my head was able to get thru. Gee =I

Well, besides the fact tt i've grew.
I've been dropping my milk teeth lyk nobody's business.
Just look @ my gummies: (notice the empty spots)

Well, Mommy managed to collect a few of my baby teeth.
She has also been pretty alert to my needs (:
Here's Mom taking on the role of the Dentist, coming to my rescue:

Ouchiee. That's it for tonyt.
Gonna snooze..
And, lyk what Mommy usually says: TGIF!
I can't wait for the weekends. Woof.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dinner @ Urban Pooch on Monday.
Just received the pictures frm Mommy (;

I shall let them spk for themselves. Enjoy!

Waiting patiently for my order. *Drools*

Ooooo. Here it comes: Grilled Dory Fish.

Sniffing~ Checking out my dish.

Getting pushed away by Dad.
I gotta wait for my food to cool down a lil'.

After it was nicely mixed up by Mommy:

Getting a small bite to try first..

Wheeeee.. it tasted awesome!

Finally, i could tuck in.

Slurpslurp. Gobblegobble. Chewychew.

Feeling full & satisfied. I could eat more actually.. ..

Before leaving, my folks bought me Lamb cookies for takeaway.

Here's one for me and one for Korkor Moley.

Gonna grab a tiny bite & zzzzZzzzz.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Good Morning Afternoon World!
Just got up not too long. Slept in with Mom today.
We had grapes & hard-boiled eggs for tea before continuing our nap.

I had a pretty well deserved rest thou (:
The week before was hectic. Or, at least it seem so.

Warning: A very Long Post Ahead.

Grooming Day!
The groomer told Mom that i only require the Basic - due to the lack of hair.
So i only had my nails trimmed, paw-pad shaved & ears cleaned.
Mom thought i smelt really good after tt thou, she kept sniffing me.
And of course, i was enjoying the attention.

Somebody caught my attention at the groomer's thou.
It was a Goldie running on a treadmill.

(Whispers: I overheard Mom's convo. This boy is overweight tt's why.)
I swear i'm gonna be in his shoes 5 yrs from now.

Headed for the vet's place later in the evening for my 4th jab.
I was over and done with it even before i realized.
The vet (a kind looking middle-aged lady) gently stroked me and *piak*. Bingo :D
My folks were so proud of me. They said tt i was one brave lil girl.

I beg to differ thou. I'm no longer lil nor tiny.
I'm piling on the kilos as fast as i can gobble up my food.
From a mere 2.8 to 3.4kg. I'm currently 5.4kg ++.
I guess i have to trash those dreams of being a model aside :I

Starting from next mth, i'll be put on Heartgard as well.
I heard it's edible. How interestinggg!

Checked into Mom's teritory.
Wow. It was spick & span as compared to the previous tym.
I received a welcome toy: A pink bunny.
I'm still racking my brains to think up of a name for her.. I really lyk her thou.
She's uber soft & she even squeaks!

So far so good.
I even have a blue cotton blankie tt comes in real handy when it gets cold in the nyt, and with Mommy by my side.. i feel extra safe ((:

Mom has no complains except for the fact tt i keep poking my nose into her Make-up.
I'm trying my best, really. It's just a temporary fetish.
Besides, all girls lyk make-up, true?

My folks went out for dinner without me.
But guess what they returned with?

According to Mom: She went to PetLover's to stock up some Milk Powder for me, but she saw this black squeaky ball & it simply bounced into her basket.

She couldn't resist getting me this yummilicious jerky as well - "Dried Chicken Breast Fillet" it reads. (Highly recommended.)

Here's a very delighted me playing with my new toy:

Lyf's great! *wags tail*

Mommy's pals popped by for a visit.
I had a ball of tym :P

Mom popped by Singapore's largest petstore - Pet's Megamart @ Pet Movers, Pasir Ris Farmway to grab some weekend goodies for me.

I finally gotten my own waterbottie.
It comes in a neat shade of blue.
Wheeee. I can't wait to show it off to my classmates.

I've also added a new TY hedgehog, called Prinkles to my collection.
However, Mom says tt i've to rotate my toys so i gotta wait a while before i can get my paws on it. Gee.

And as usual, Mommy's major weakness - Treats for Me!
Milk Bolo Biscuits & Cheese.

"More calcium for a growing baby", She says.

Definitely the highlight of the week.
I woke up early for the SPCA event, once again held at East Coast, my current favourite hangout.

I was all geared up & ready to leave the place.
However we met with some hiccups along the way.

With all gd intentions, my folks set up a meeting with my long-lost brother.
Here's Spikey, a 5-yr old JRT:

We met on neutral grounds, in the car.

However before i could even sniff him..

He growled.. and came charging forward & tried to bite me!

I was in shocked.

It was my 1st tym coming under attacked :(
Thank goodness Mom was sitting protectively beside me & Dad was fast to react.

Anyhow, my very upset folks sent Spikey the Tyrant, packing home.
The last i heard, he was grounded for a week.

Next, it was the weather. It was raining cats & dogs (yes me!!)
Look how flooded it was.. I had to be carried out.

Sidetracking a lil,
look at how my folks amused themselves during the jam.

I swear it's those ears again. Gee.

And as thou i didn't look sad enough -.-

Moving on to the event:

It was great fun despite the glooommmy weather.
In fact, it was a blessing in disguise, as it was kinda cool, just the way i lyk it.

Awesome (;
I was so excited cause i met many new friends.

Here's me being the social butterfly (:

Caught in the act sniffing someone's butt.
Oh my!

I even tried my luck with this young fella.
Well, he was about my size. Gulp.

I also met a very handsome Goldie.
He is of the same age as me but twice as large.

And a very Macho Mongrel.
Mom thinks tt he has really expressive eyes (;
Thought tt he made a gd impression.

And i also bumped into fellow cuties.
They were in strollers!
I was happily stomping my paws into the puddles thou.

Very sweet looking Yorkie here.
I wanna wear clothes too :I
We saw some pups wearing booties & i think it reminded Mom of that incident. (I admit: i felt a tiny bit sour.)
Nonetheless, i know Mommy really lyks my paws even thou they are huge.

A large family of pugs.
Daddy's eye candy.

And an extremely obedient Collie. Needless to say, Mom was smitten.
I know she still loves me best thou (;

We headed to Macs for lunch soon after all the browsing
and me, gaily dipping my ears & paws into the water.

I bumped into a 7-mth old male Sheltie there as well.

He kept barking at me & peeking.
I found him pretty cute, but just a tad noisy.

Here i am, checking out my surroundings.
Wow. It has been such a long day.

And finally all settled down comfortably in my seat.
I was totally drenched..

Much to Mom's dismay.
I made a huge mess of the backseat & i was hurriedly sent to the groomer's for a bath.
My second this week.

Check this out!
I never knew tt it looked lyk this from the outside.

Anyway, i was given a nice warm shower, followed by a fluffy hand-blowed dry treatment.. before heading for class.
(Yep. Spot on, with my neat waterbottie of course.)

That's all for today folks.
Mood: Very Contented.