Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello everyone! I'm back (:
Went into a mini hiatus of some sort.
Meanwhile.. as usual, Mommy has been diligently snapping very unglam-candid shots of me, etc.

I'll upload'em after i sort all the files out.
Seems lyk 4 paws ain't enough. Geee :X

Here's a video starring: ME.
Yes, i can't believe i'm promoting smth so shameless.
(I still refuse to acknowledge tt i'm the world's laziness puppy -Even thou Mommy says its an understatement.)

Time for my nappy guys. Enjoy (:
*Chases tail & flops into position*

P.S. I do not lyk Alarm Clocks btw.
I repeat, i dislyk. (Even if its Pink.)


Scruffy said...

Hi Pea

You sure can sleep.

The Mighty Scruff

River said...

Welcome back Pea - I can't believe you slept through all that - you are a super sleeper for sure!!